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Artist Statement

The glass I create is made by blowing and shaping hot molten glass on a blow pipe with the help of a couple of 2,000 plus degree furnaces. Glass is a very physical art medium in which timing and temperature are very critical to create the desired piece of glass art. Glassblowing is very unique in this way, and is one of many reasons why I love to create and blow glass. It is unlike any other art medium. My glass pieces are formed based upon a variety of different influences. Color, shape, and design are all essential to a piece, and these elements are portrayed in various ways in my glasswork.Nate Lynn

The style of glass I have become known for include spiral designs of different colors. The spiral symbol is one that has always spoken to me, and other humans for thousands of years and has thus acquired a lot of meaning to different groups of people throughout time. For me, the spiral represents our cyclical yet ever-expanding journey through life. I frequently use spiral designs in my glass vases and bottles. I have since started adding large clear windows / lenses in the center of the spirals that allow the viewer to see through and inside the piece. This adds a very unique and interesting dimension to the piece. Some window/lens vases will include windows with some unique and intricate color designs.

The color that goes into these spiral pieces and all of my glass artwork is important.