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Glass Guitars

This glass art guitar was created by implementing a specific song into the look and feel of that guitar. As a result the glass guitar is connected to the song’s energy, and takes on a unique appearance that is also connected to a specific song. Any song could be used to create a unique glass guitar that has that connection to a song, and can also be used as an artistic representation of that song. The process begins by placing a glass or bowl of water on top of a speaker playing music very loudly. The water will ripple and move with the music and with a different effect with each different song. I then pour melted wax on top of the water as the music is playing. The water ripple pattern is then captured by the wax as it immediately hardens as it hits the cooler water. The surface of the guitar is then imprinted with all the wax chips that I made through this process for each individual song. This leaves a unique texture design on the glass guitar surface, and one that is connected to a specific band and musical artist in multiple ways. I have created only two of the pieces so far. One guitar was created from the song Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips. The other guitar was created from “tangled Up in Blue” by Bob Dylan. The colors in each guitar reflect the titles of those songs with the inclusion of pink and blue glass respectively.
Feel free to inquire about having your favorite song put in a glass guitar. If there are specific colors associated with either the song or musical artist I would be happy to incorporate those into the guitar as well.
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